Son Of Slaves

Born September 28 1963, in Brooklyn New York USA, a very young SOS already knew his passion and desire was to make music a primary and permanent part of his life. Growing up during the golden age of music, the 60s,70s & 80s, and ultimately surrounded by sounds of some of the greatest artists of all times, this passion and desire grew and made him into what he is today...An artist with no boundaries or limitations. In 2003 he moved to Europe seeking to grow internationally. The self-taught multi-instrumentalist writes, composes, & performs all of his own original songs simply for the love of music. Heavily influenced by hip-hop, soul, rock, jazz and countless other genres, the unsigned artist creates a sound all his own while still keeping in tune with today's modern music. The artist collaborates with performers from across the globe regardless of ethnicity or language. From acoustic to electric SOS has a voice..and his hands in everything. A "recordaholic" always in the studio anxious to get an idea down while it's still fresh in his mind, Son Of Slaves is an artist to keep an eye and both ears on. Lyrically, don't expect anything cheesy or falsified. The artist keeps it real and the testimony of his performance validates where his heart and soul are and why he wants to share it with the world. Looking for a new artist to fall in love with ?... Check out the music of SON OF SLAVES.


Planet Earth(2005-2011)


SOS soul skool records


Imaginetwerk 2015


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